Focus on the business aspects of the fashion industry and learn how to build a career in buying, merchandising, marketing, product development, creative fashion presentations, 造型、销售或管理.


HFM 060时尚预测
By analyzing consumers' past buying patterns, identifying emerging trends in retail and on the streets, and recognizing current cultural influences, a fashion forecaster helps designers, product developers, and merchandisers see into the future. 被 able to predict next year's fashion trends is a valuable and marketable skill. 学习 how to conduct re搜索, record observations, use the tools of the forecasting industry, 确定主要目标市场. 然后把它们放在一起来确定未来的趋势 在颜色、轮廓和面料上. 画廊

HFM 064时尚营销的来龙去脉
学习 how color, fabrics, consumer motivation, sales, and fashion publications affect 推销的艺术. 您将通过访问零售分析销售策略 stores and get an overview of historic style trends by touring the costume collection 博物馆全球赌博十大网站. 画廊   项目画廊     

HFM 065产品开发:创意与商业
Experience an overview of how a business can be creative, from fashion product concept 交付. The course will highlight how to create colors, patterns, and specs for a target customer as well as how to make a profit and be competitive. 你会发展 贯穿本课程的个人和小组项目.

HFM 066职业时尚造型
Explore the role of a fashion stylist as it relates to the fashion industry. 你会 学习造型技巧 for the entertainment industry, print and personal image consulting, body type analysis, 以及如何为客户购物和准备商品. 你也会了解到多样性 career opportunities in styling for the entertainment industry, retail personal shopping, 杂志及电子商务印刷,及形象咨询. 你会 explore the business requirements and entrepreneurial opportunities in the field 时尚造型.

HFM 068下一代购物趋势
Today, customers expect to interact with retailers in a seamless way, combining brick-and-mortar, 目录、在线、移动和社交商务. 这被称为“全渠道” 零售业." 学习 how to understand the needs of omnichannel customers, how major retailers are navigating their omnichannel journeys, and how to create an omni strategy. 学习 about new innovative retail experiences, technologies changing the store experience, 以及AR和VR行业的进步.

单位101 时尚产业:趋势预测 
Fashion forecasting focuses on global fashion trends and is the driving force of the 时尚界. 学习 how to re搜索 the past, scrutinize consumer habits, analyze cultural influences, and understand trend cycles to predict future fashion trends. 你会 create your own presentation of upcoming trends with silhouettes, color samples and fabric swatches using the professional resources available at 全球赌博十大网站. 你也会 visit inspirational retail spaces in the neighborhood to see forecasting in action. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HFM 060)

单位102  时尚商业:销售
Fashion merchandising is the art of presenting products to customers at the right 价格和时机. 学习如何有针对性的营销驱动消费者的动机. See real-world examples through trips to retail stores and through professional resources 全球赌博十大网站的博物馆. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HFM 064)

HFM 103探索产品开发
一个伟大的时装品牌是如何进入零售业的? 了解服装是如何创建的 for a specific market—including color choices, fabrics, and silhouettes—and is ultimately 生产. 你会 discover how product gets from an idea to the factory to the store. Work on projects individually and in groups to develop a practical understanding of 创意和技术的设计过程. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HFM 065) 

单位104 时尚商业:探索造型
The job of a fashion stylist is to elevate fashion looks and products in publications, 通过电视和电影,在红毯上,只是举几个例子. 你会学会做生意的 and entrepreneurial skills needed to pursue this exciting career in addition to techniques 为客户购物和准备. 职业机会包括形象咨询 从个人购物到商品销售再到摄影造型. 项目包括 时尚流派和策划一个潜在客户的外观. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HFM 066)